Friday, November 14, 2014

NOV 14, Market and Commentary


What a crazy day it has been. I was awake most of last night, till around 1am. I was deciding on what I wanted to buy on Friday morning. I had some left to invest after my profit from holding AAPL NOV22 Calls. I decided on TWTR as you can see from my post early this morning. I purchased some Calls. 41 NOV 28 AND  41 NOV 14. I sold both before the close today. I have been experiencing with what I will call "Gorilla Trading" I sneak in and out of the market very quick with buying options with high delta very close to expiration. I was spot on today, with TWTR up around 4.5% at close and both options well over 200% return. I don't go for broke, but I risk enough to make it feel worth it. Since I am paying commission in all. I also saw were oil (Brent) and WTI are bot below 80 with it only looking like it is going to go lower, as I predicted. I wish I had enough to sell some oil futures, I don't have it like that yet. I have mentioned several times that I will be posting some info about my phone Interview with Turney Duff, I have every intention of doing so. I mention in my profile that I am a college student. I am currently writing a research paper that he was a source for and is mostly about him towards the end. With this in mind, I want to finish it and send it to him for the review. This is only the right thing to do, since he was kind of enough to help me with the info I needed. He is a really nice guy and humble about his accomplishments. I will publish my paper when I am done. The title I will reveal is "A Wall Street Trader's Story of Spectacular Excess Vs. A Las Vegas Handicapper's Story of Exaggerated Success" If you would have asked me a year ago if I would be talking to Turney Duff on the phone I would have said you were dreaming. Anyways moving on. I have been offered or connected with based off my Bloomberg BAT (a finance aptitude test) by several hedge funds wanting to discuss employment possibilities with them. Lets see how this goes. Not sure how my wife will take it, but she will go with the money goes. I saw today were Carl Icahn at one point in time today had taken a 123m hit on Hertz. Damn!! Many hedge funds had to release their holding today, I figured some of them had the same ideas I had. Most of the time I can figure out what they are doing, I just don't have the cash or backing to pull it off, so I just have to write about it so they people can see that I clearly know what I am doing and where the market it going. I just am a financial midget compared to a billionaire. The market was again positive today. I was very happy about DOW chemical who I wrote an analyst report for in my class was up very high. I still want to be invested in them. I am just trying to sneak in and out of the market right now so that I don't get trapped and have cash on hand. I will end by something that made me laugh recently. My wife and I were watching CNBC and it was the closing bell of the NYSE. I said "shhh" it closing bell I want to hear and see this. She said "they do this everyday?' I  said "like clock work at 430pm" blew her mind. She know how much I love the market and everything that goes on with it. I am not making fun of her, she is like most of the American Public. They have no idea what goes on, it is up to professionals like myself to inform them and be their advocate. I take pride and responsibility in that fact and want nothing more than to make them as successful as myself. I plan on opening a mutual fund in the future. So I will end on that. Look forward to Sunday night as I will be posting my pre Monday thoughts. I am a huge football fan (GO Dawgs) so I will more than likely not post this weekend. Feel free to email me with questions. I will always answer.

Long : CSX, IDTI, TWTR, DOW, AAPL (short term), and LOCK
Short : OIL, Hertz,  FB

I am not licensed and this is for informational purposes only. You should do all your own due diligence before you invest. I am not authorized to give advice or persuade you to invest by the SEC. 

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