Thursday, November 13, 2014

NOV 13


      Today started off a little slow for me, I was running behind, but as I was walking to my cart to head off for the day. I checked my Stock App and saw apple at 113.40. I was so stoked. I was up tremendously and as I posted early I had a feeling in October that this would be a boom when the stock was around 99-100. Looks like I was dead on. I must mention that I did sale my options this morning, because I think 113 is going to be a sticking point to at least next week when my options expire I still had a huge profit. TWTR which I am bullish on had a huge gain yesterday of around 7.27% when I looked. I had a strong feeling this would happen. I saw there was a pull back today to around 40. Although, I see it around 50 by March 15. It is just too much of society today and I see it being a huge part of everyday life even more than it already is. CSX and IDTI are also up today slightly as of this morning. I have not checked them recently. they always seem to bounce back in the afternoon. LOCK which I mentioned to be bullish on is down slightly today at -.56%. I certainly believe this to be temporary. GLL is also an ETF that I am interested in and always have been. I still believe gold to be largely over valued. 


This is not investment advice nor am I licensed, this information is mention for conversation and info purposes. All investment decisions should be made after careful investigation and due diligence are your own part. 

Kelvin Brown

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