Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nov 12

Hello All,

      Looks like today has been a boom, as I am writing this AAPL stock is at 111.10 up 1.27% from yesterdays afternoon run up to 109.73. I think that now we have broke 110 I will hold my options for at least the end of this week. I have made a killing off the just 4 contracts I bought. I see apple by sum of next year trading around 125. They have had very few down days. One day I was watching there was a new all time high every 27 Minutes. As I said yesterday I was bullish on TWTR today on some promising news of a better platform and interface for app developers, TWTR was above 41.00 at 3.24% gain. I believe that I will be purchasing some Call options on these once I get out of my AAPL options. CSX was also up around .5% and has been on a rip the last two weeks, up around 2.00 per share. I am still bullish on IDTI although it trades down slightly around 17.90 today. If I had plenty of money I would buy all I could in IDTI, since they have 0 debt and have been constantly showing wall street an earnings season surprise. I look everyday at certain things I fell solid about. I am going to go back in GLL soon and also some options/purchase shares of TWTR. I think TWTR will trade around 70 by summer.  I tend to keep cash in my account for when I see great opportunities, otherwise I use it to buy shares in small growth companies I think have huge upside potential. There are a few that I am looking at like LOCK (lifelock) as people become more and more afraid of Identity theft. I will be posting tonight about two very interesting topics that are not market related. They are my recent interview with Turney Duff the NY times best selling author of "The Buy Side" and my recent recruitment invites by a few major investment banks and hedge funds (basically how it happened to me and how I got their attention)


Kelvin Brown

This is not investment advice, be sure to do your own due diligence and research

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