Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nov 11 Market

NOV 11,

First of all happy veterans day and to all veterans, thanks for your sacrifice. I am a veteran and do not take this day for granted for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Today I am going to talk about some things I am watching. First is AAPL stock and where it is going. I will go ahead and let everyone know on OCT 23 I bought NOV 22 104 AAPL calls. I tried to purchase Nov22 100 calls on the 21st, but the order did not go through. This was my fault. I am currently up significantly as you can see I am almost 2.5 times my investment. I am still holding it and I am not sure what to do. It seems that everyday the stock seems to pin up an down to 109 since it has passed 109. I think if AAPL does not close above 109 by end of week, I will sell my options, as I do not see it going any higher in the near future before my options expire. The market options significantly lower today and has risen slightly mid day. Let see what happens in the last hour of the day. Some stocks I am looking to go log on are TWTR, GLL, IDTI, and CSX. I have held CSX for a year, IDTI for 3 mths, and I don't currently own TWTR or GLL. If you look back to my older post you will see in April I purchased GLL through my fake school account, and today it is trading at 105.00. This is almost double from April. I hope I can make some good calls in the future. I see oil going down to 55 before making a rebound and gold going to 800 before a rebound. Lets see if I am right.

I must mention that I am not a licensed broker and nor am I advocating you purchase these securities. I am just using this blog to share my opinion and how I see the market going

Kelvin Brown

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