Sunday, April 20, 2014

Yahoo Article on Cash Management and Daily Insight

Hello All,

I will not be blogging more than once or twice a week until I get done with my finals. I thought this would be a great article to share for info. They more concerned you become with your money, the more you will realize you will do these without even knowing you are knowing you are doing it. I had no formal schooling in Finance or Economics when I began learning Money/ Cash management. Which is also when I knew I was a autodidact ( It is important to build a mote (from Warren Buffet)  around you household income and financial security, an impassible mote around  a business model and a financial/capital structure that is impenetrable, is what most investors look into before deciding to invest. My main point is to invest in yourself and treat yourself and finances like a business. Would anyone want to invest in you? Would they be long or short you ?  Always examine yourself and fix your weaknesses (that are controllable by you.)

Happy Easter
Kelvin Brown

p.s. anybody would was paying attention we made a killing on the AAPL short over 300% return

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