Thursday, April 3, 2014

Todays Outlook Post Close

Looks like things turned out for at least today as I predicted. If you read my article and saw the positions I created April 2nd. Today was awesome for me. I shorted (put options)( I want the price to go down) Apple and FB, they both fell with FB falling enormously. This would be a huge gain.. NKE it seems like it may take a little longer for it to bounce back. I made my options so short of time because of time constraints. I will not do this for future articles. I see Nike being around 76 when I close my options on April 18. Gold was slightly off the mark as I suspected based on trend analysis. I have already been shorting this with my own money since March at $78 now trading at 88. I short it thru GLL an ultrashort gold. XRX or Xerox which I Bought a call option(I want the price to go up) is doing as expected and I plan to exercise my option around 13.50-14.00. Also in my article I mentioned going long on oil futures for May. I quoted the april 1 price of 99.63. Looks like this is in my favor today also at 100.33. I hope it stays this way (not for you who have to drive long ways everyday) for this short period of time as I suspect. I am not going to mention why I chose these because it is in my paper I already posted. I hope tomorrow is as good as today or better.

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